Fun Christmas Games for Family

14 Best Christmas Party Games everyone will Love

Looking for the Best Games that would make your Christmas a real fun? If ‘Yes’ you have come to the right place. Females Era brings you Fun Christmas Games which will be immensely loved by your children and guests. This Christmas its time to start the party with a blast of Family Christmas Games and Christmas Games for Adults.

You may have been fishing for the Best Christmas Gifts and Party Games since a couple of weeks. As the holidays begin you need a pinch of excitement and fun to relax your mood and drive away stress. Therefore to make the festive season happier you can access the 14 best Christmas Games that would make your party a rock.

With days of research, here are the most loved Christmas Games! You just need to scroll down and enjoy the moments of leisure. Add some Healthy Christmas Snacks to your party which would be a great compliment to games.

Fun Christmas Party Games for this Year


1- Candy Canes

If you are looking for Family Christmas Games this is probably the perfect choice. To play this game you need candy canes, a deck of cards, paper and pencil.

Ask your guests to sit around a table and put the candy canes at the middle. Ask a member of your group to shuffle the cards and distribute it among the players.

The objective of the game is to obtain 4 cards of the same kind that make the work ‘C A N D Y’. Once you have made the letter you can grab a candy cane.

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2- Guess the Ornament

This is a quite interesting game, as it involves great guessing skills and mystery. To get started you need to decorate a Christmas tree with ornaments. Keep in mind that you count the number of ornaments before you place it on the tree, as the guests have to guess the number of ornaments used for decoration.

Now you can arrange for an answer box and ask your guests to put their answers written on a piece of paper and drop it into the box. Once everyone has answered you can review the answers and announce the winner.

3- Find out Who

This is like a fun introductory game that allows you to know each other in a question and answer form. To play this game people need to talk, ask questions and mingle between themselves.

This involves answering questions about the guests present at the party. For an instance ‘Has never celebrated Christmas out of his house ___”. One of the guests is required to fill in the blank space with a name. You may set a reward for those who answer correctly and make the game more interesting.

4- Guess the Christmas Carol Name

The will be surely enjoyed by adults as this is more than a thinking game. Here you have to guess the name of the carol played in the party.

You can place a reward for the ones who have guessed the right name.

5- Photo Props

Add a special photo prop theme to your Christmas party. You can easily create a photo prop with the help of a printed hard paper and glue them on a piece of foam.

Make the props in shape of Santa beard, reindeer horns and more based on the Christmas Theme. Once you have made the props it time to play with these and make the evening filled with ecstasy and joy.

6- Christmas Charades

Christmas Charades are pieces of paper printed with some interesting stuff on them. You can arrange these in a secret way and ask your guest to pick a charade.

Now your guests have to perform the task that is listed on the charade. Just make a charade on your own and enjoy the Christmas Party.

 7- Truths and Lie

This is an interesting game usually played by the teenagers. You can add this game to your Christmas evening and make it a wonderful one. Every guest will get a turn to tell the group two truths and a lie.

8- Christmas Lucky Draws

You can arrange for a Christmas carol or something like that and turn it into a lucky draw sort of session where the guests will win or lose.

9- Christmas tree Creation

This Fun Christmas Game is all about creating a Christmas tree out of ripped paper with eyes closed. Now you need to provide every guest ripped paper and decoration material for creating a Christmas tree. Once all the guests have finished creating their trees, you can appoint one for judging the best tree.

10- Christmas Gift Exchange

Christmas gift exchange game is extremely amusing. Here is how it goes all about. You need to wrap your gifts with a paper has a poem written on it. Now the guests have to read the poem and enjoy the merry game time.

11- Paper Plate Game

The Christmas paper plate game involves the placing of paper plates, placing them on your head then making a design on them with a pen. This would be real fun as at the end of the game every plate will be hanged in the decoration section and a special guest has to judge the best one.

12- Name that Christmas Tradition

Christmas Party is incomplete without Family games. This game involves naming of Christmas traditions by marking answers on a sheet of paper. You can prepare a Christmas trivia and divide it into all the teams. At the end of the game, you can announce the group which has answered the best.

13- Fun Awards Session

This is an icebreaker game for adults as your co-workers and colleagues would surely love it. Create funny awards and certificates for guests present at the Christmas Party and hand it over to them in an amazing manner.

14- Snow Ball Fall

How can you forget such an amazing game at your Christmas Party! Place bowlful of marshmallows at the center of the table and announce a snowball fight.

This would fill the moment with bliss and rapture. A Snowball fight would lighten your Christmas celebration and make it exciting than ever. Just be sure that everything is cleaned up after your guests leave.

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