Black Cherry Hair Style Ideas

50 Amazing Black Cherry Hair Ideas

Are you looking for a hair color that has it all? Sexy, mysterious and romantic- black cherry hair is the ultimate choice for women with a firm personality. You can get it in lighter, brighter or darker version and it will still look as spectacular.

Black cherry hairstyle inspiration that will leave you craving the most interesting hair color of the year. Enjoy it!

Black Cherry Ideas for Women, Black Cherry Hair Color

Classic black cherry hair

It is harmonious combines tones of burgundy, violet and of course black. If you want a classic version of the trending hair color, you should mix all three of the above tones evenly.

Black Cherry Color with Mixed Tones

If we talk about tones, here is the ideal example of how you can mix those three hues in a more daring manner. By applying them you stand out individually.

Dark Black Cherry Hair

A dark black cherry tone hair color providing you a beautiful accent. You will see the sparkling results the minute sunshine hits your hair.

Red Velvet Hair

The all-red alternative looks phenomenal. Opt for a red velvet hairstyle inspired by black cherry it looks nice against pale skin tones.

Long Straight Black Cherry Hair

If you have a long and straight hair, assured that black cherry will look outstanding on you. The longer your hair is, the more you can appreciate the tones that come with the charming hair color.

Chocolate Black Cherry Hair

Brown black cherry hair give a perfect picture. It makes the hair color an easy switch for girls with naturally brown hair. It captures the attention of all those around you.

Black Cherry Highlights on black hair

You can prefer using black cherry only for a portion of your hair. You can get a pretty set of black cherry highlights.

Dark Magenta hair

There is no doubt that we are in love with magenta hair. Think about toning down your magenta until you get it closer to black cherry.

Intense Black Cherry hair

Some women rock with natural looking hair color, if you are part of the latter category don’t hesitate to go with your black cherry hair.

Medium Black Cherry hairstyle

If you are not a flashy one, you can easily get a medium black cherry color. It focuses mainly on red shades.

Black Cherry hair Balayage

There is no trendier hair coloring technique than Balayage. It is especially recommended it for obtaining black cherry hair.

Rusty Highlights on Black Cherry Base

Using black cherry as the color for your highlights, you can also go the other way around. Rusty red is a neat way to get started.

Black Cherry Base with Caramel Highlights

You can boost your entire hairstyle by choosing a completely different color for your highlights. We are sure you will love the fun outcome.

Plum Black Cherry hair

We want to shine the light on those who focus on the plum undertones of this alluring hair color. You feel free to incorporate more of those shades into your take on the look.

Light Black Cherry hair

You can add your personal twist by lightening your black cherry hair. The hairstyle will end up looking like burgundy mixed with magenta, you cant go wrong with it.

Black Cherry Undertones

As you can observe above, the dark chocolate base already has extremely discrete red tones. The undercoat of black cherry tones that wrap around the curls. You look Gorgeous!

Bright Black Cherry hair

Here is the perfect example of how bright cherry hair would look like in the sun. You will stand out creatively. No matter how long or short your hair is, it is bound to make heads turn if you get this color.

Rich Black Cherry Color

The brown and red tones in this rich black cherry hairstyle. We recommend this version to any elegant women, regardless of hair type or skin tone.

Black Cherry Hair Ombre

You are already aware that red Ombre has been in style for quite a few years now. Well, you can make you more appealing by using black cherry for the second part of the Ombre.

Retro Black Cherry hairstyle

We fully recommend vintage hairstyle for any special occasion. A retro black cherry hairstyle will always complement your personality and appearance.

Black Cherry on Natural hair

If you have succeeded in growing out your natural hair healthily, you try out black cherry and see if you like the way it flatters your natural locks.

Dark Brown hair with Black Cherry hair Shine

The tasteful black cherry shine makes the dark brown base stand out in a wonderful way. We encourage you to try out this hairstyle that is on the natural side.

Curly Black Cherry hair

If you want to have your curls popping more than ever, give them a chance with black cherry. The sweet blend of color will contour your ringlets and make them sparkle all day.

Red Roots on Black Cherry Base

Black cherry is undoubtedly one of the best colors that you opt for your hair. To boost the impact, think about using a redder shade at your roots and going darker as you proceed to your roots.

Natural Black Cherry hairstyle

If you want to get as natural as possible with your hair color, you should rather go for a burgundy hairstyle. It makes that natural aspect you are looking for.

Black Cherry hair Lowlights

Highlights are beautiful, but they may not be up your alley, lowlights just might be. Classic highlights focus more on the lower part of your hair, bringing undertones.

Mahogany Black Cherry hair

We support mahogany as a fantastic color of its own. It is basically the perfect combination of brown and red, with just a bit of violet tones.

Bright Red highlights on Black Cherry Base

If your base hair color is black cherry, you can follow the asymmetrical highlights pattern like in the photo above, or go for an evenly spread outlook.

Black Cherry hairstyle with Wispy highlights

You can opt for wispy highlights if you want them to be just a discrete addition to your black cherry hair. You can pick any color you like, as the results will still be as delicate as ever.

Chocolate and Black Cherry hair color Melt

We have covered chocolate black cherry, but what if you melted the two colors separately? Well, the outcome is sure to blow your mind. You can start from chocolate brown and blend out to black cherry.

Blueish Black hair with Black Cherry highlights

If you want your hair to have a sunset-like appearance, try combining your black cherry with a cooler tone. Blueish black is ideal, but you can also go for indigo.

Pale Black Cherry hair

Black cherry is the kind that looks just as good intense as it does pale. We recommend that you try with a paler tone, especially if you dig pastels.

Honey Blonde and Red Orange highlights on Black Cherry Base

Creative and fun hairstyles are the best! You can combine a multitude of highlights ideas, like the honey blonde and red-orange ones in the pic above.

Black Cherry hair with Purple Tones

For this black cherry hairstyle, we turn the plum up a notch to get a rich shade of purple. You will be staying on top of trends, as the current Pantone color of the year is UltraViolet.

Ringlets with Black Cherry Tips

Show your curls some love by sprinkling in some color. You can add black cherry only to the tips. It is a fabulous way of making your individual ringlets stand out.

Chunky Black Cherry Lowlights

If you are a woman with an outgoing personality, chunky black cherry lowlights or highlights are definitely for you. You can either get them from top to bottom or only in the lower half.

Black Cherry hair with Red and Plum Accents

If you want an intricately colored hairstyle, such as this black cherry Balayage. Deep red springs from the roots and melts into plum and bluish-black on the way down.

Sombre Black Cherry hair

You love the somber for its delicate femininity. It is the less harsh version of the iconic ombre, with a smoother transition from one color to the other.

Deep Wine hair

A little bit of romance can go a long way for your hairstyle? Red wine is the stunning dark red alternative to the classic black cherry with plum hues.

Black Cherry hair with Light eyes

We have presented several photos of women with dark eyes and black cherry hair. If you have green or blue eyes, rest assured that you will be the rock with black cherry locks.

Pale Plum hairstyle

We believe that this hairstyle has the greatest amount of purple influence out of all black cherry ideas. You should totally go for it if you are a violent girl.

Black Cherry hair with Violet Tones

The overall color will still visibly learn towards purple, but it won’t be as restrictive as our idea. We also like how the color is not too dark nor too light.

Cherry and Black highlights

Black cherry doesn’t always have to appear as a solid color. You can end up with a much cooler hairstyle if you break down the colors separately.

Black Cherry hair Bangs

We have just the right inspiration for you. Use black cherry only for a section of your hair.

Subtle highlights Black Cherry hairstyle

We recommend the method for lighter black cherry highlights on a slightly darker base.

Black cherry with Auburn Lowlights hairstyle

Auburn lowlights look terrific when combined with almost any hair color. They shine ever more marvelously with black cherry hair.

Weave with Black Cherry hair Ombre

If you want to get a weave, wig, or any kind of extensions, a black cherry ombre is perfect for the job. The darker top will blend more naturally with your natural hair color.

Black Cherry hair with Pink highlights

Pink highlights are insanely cute, no matter what color they go on. You can focus on the top or place them all around.

Splash of Black Cherry on Black hair

Sometimes, all you need is literally a splash of color to liven up your whole hairstyle. You can brighten up the tips on each side with a bit of black cherry.

Black Cherry Roots with Pastel Champagne hair

We adore how the roots stick to the essence of black cherry hair, while the rest is a phenomenal and feminine shade of light blonde and cotton pink.

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