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Flower Braid Hairstyles is one of most adorable hairstyles on this planet! They seem too difficult to make but when you master the art it seems like a facile. I have often seen females wondering how to perform a Flower Braid Hairstyle.

The wonder is somewhat natural as their hairstyles involve a lot of twists and turns that seems as if you were to climb the mountain peak. However, once you perform the art you would find it easy. The Simple Flower Braid Hairstyles below are enough to let you gain complete control over your Braided look. Read on and have a nice time styling.

How to Make a Flower Braid Step by Step

Step 1. You want to start with a few stitches of a regular three-strand braid.

Step 2. Next, pull on the stitches of the braid on the outside edge to make them look big.

Step 3. Next, make sure that braid only a few stitches and then go back and a pancake as you go. Make braid too tight and you are pancaking will look messy and uneven.

Step 4. Then, when you reach the end of your braid, now secure it with a small elastic.

Step 5. Next, roll your braid up into a spiral with the pancaked side on the outside.

Step 6. Continue rolling your braid with the pancaked side facing out until you reach the head.

Step 7. Once you finish rolling up your braid, hold your flower steady and in place with one hand, and pin it down with the other and hold it by bobby pins.

Step 8. Next, tweak your flower as needed, and then you are finished and your flower braid is ready.

How to Use Flower Braid in Hair Styling?

1- French Mermaid Braid with a ”Bouquet” of Flowers

Flower Braid Tutorial

2- Three Strand Loop Braid Topped with a Flower

3- Topsy Tail Flips Accented with a Flower

4- Half-Updo with a Fishtail Flower Braid

Best Braided Hairstyles

5- French Bow Braid Ended with a Flower Braid


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