Is Dyeing your Hair Bad for You

Is Dyeing your Hair Bad for You?

We are women and we love to do everything new! Changes are a part of our nature and it is normal to think about a new hairstyle and dyeing our hair with new colors and sometimes we like to dye our hair with combinations of colors from time to time. Coloring your hair can be a total makeover for us! Sometime dyeing your hair can be responded with a long monologue about how dangerous it can be. Here you can find some myths about hair coloring:

Hair Dyeing the Good and The Bad

  • Sometimes dyes cause hair loss or hair fall

Hair loss is the result of internal processes in the body. It is more important that you care about your health.


  • Home coloring is Good as salon one

Home coloring is risky for your hair and you can face some side effects also. A professional colorist can recommend you a flattering color and give a nice look to your hair.

Best Hair Color for Females

  • Dyes make your hair Straw like

There are a lot of dyes that can be harmful to your hair and scalp. There are semi-permanent and ammonia- free hair colors that make your hair silky and healthy.


  • Dye hair during pregnancy is not safe

Pregnant women should not apply hair color to the scalp, because minuscule amounts of color get into the bloodstream.


  • Color safe shampoos prevent color fade

To keep your color bright, reduce your shampooing and try homemade hair masks and conditioners. If you wash our hair too often, no matter what shampoo you use.


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