Heart Diseases in Women- Healthy Heart

Heart Disease in Women

Heart Diseases in Women have been more popular over time. With the increasing risk for heart problems among women, one cannot afford to ignore it. Especially women have no time to look after themselves. All that adds up to the fact is the recent survey conducted by the Health Center. It shows that women are more likely to be affected by heart diseases than men.

Here you can learn how to recognize the symptoms of a heart disease and also avoid being affected by such diseases. As these symptoms in women are becoming frequent Females Era.com is here to bring you how to protect yourself from being affected by heart diseases.

What Causes a Heart Diseases?

This is a common question, as people are curious to know what causes heart ailments. If you dive deep into the fact you will find that in the United States 1 out of 4 women is affected by a heart disease. What causes a heart disease is the narrowing of the coronary arteries. These are the passages through which the heart pumps blood throughout the body. In other terms, this is also known as a heart blockage.

Well, this does not happen over a couple of days. Heart diseases grow gradually over time. One of the major reason for the growing number of heart patients is that people leave the symptoms unnoticed.

You may also try out A Massage Therapy and Take Good Care of your Skin.

Symptoms of a Heart Disease

Heart Attack

Chest Pain and Discomfort in the chest is one of the most common symptoms women experience if they are likely to be affected by heart problems. Other similar symptoms include neck pain, pain in the back, heartburn, indigestion and utmost fatigue.

Moreover, if you have been affected by a heart attack your upper body will also experience discomforts that may include- pain in the arms, in the jaws, the upper portion of the stomach and dizziness. These symptoms are especially experienced by women than men. FemalesEra highly recommends you to immediately get in touch with your doctor if you experience any of the above-listed symptoms.


Arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat is an ailment in which you may experience an irregular heartbeat. This happens because the heart beats too fast or sometimes too slow. In medical terms, the fast beating of the heart is known as ‘Tachycardia’ and the slow beating of the heart as ‘Bradycardia’.

This can sometimes prove a serious hazard to your health. Arrhythmia can cause the heart to stop beating all of a sudden. This is termed as cardiac arrest. However, you can get out of the situation through a proper medical assistance.

Heart Failure

This is infirmity when the heart fails to pump enough blood in order to meet the requirements of the body. This does not exactly make you dead. During this condition, your heart is working, but it has become like that old car which is not able to reach the desired speed.

In a heart failure, the heart does not pump blood to subsist the daily activities. If you are probable to being affected by a heart failure your body will undergo swelling in the ankles, feet, neck, veins, and abdomen.

How to Keep your Heart Healthy

Life is decked with a wide range of unhealthy habits and this may lead to the increased risks for heart diseases. Certain everyday habits such as overeating and unhealthy eating can also drive your body towards ill health. Below I will be discussing some factors that will help you keep your heart healthy.

Quit Smoking and use of Tobacco Products

Keeping away from tobacco and smoking reduces the chances of being affected by heart diseases. Smoking makes you more prone to heart ailments as the blood vessels are stiffened and so the chances of a heart blockage are increased.

If you are addicted to smoking, you can surely think about quitting. Quitting smoking is not that tough, you just need to create and execute a plan towards giving up smoking. Once you kick off cigarettes the chances of heart diseases is reduced by 50%.

Do not Gain Too Much Weight

Obesity is also known to be a prominent reason for heart ailments. Avoid unhealthy eating habits and keep a check on your BMI ratio (Body Mass Index).

You can follow a healthy eating schedule and indulge yourself in any kind of physical activity.

Keep Off Stress

One of the major culprits behind a heart disease is ‘Stress’.  f you have been burdened with a large stack of work take or relaxing massage or spend some time with your loved ones.

Manage Diabetes

If you are already affected by heart diseases then you must keep a regular check on your diabetes levels. Pay a regular visit to your doctor for managing your diabetes.



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