Kim Kardashian Butt & Abs Workout

Kim Kardashian’s Butt & Abs Workout- Copy High- Intensity Interval Training Routine Now

Of course, every female yearns to be like Kim! The American TV personality and socialite Kim Kardashian is the mistress of the perfect booty topped up with superb abs. For sure she is known for her iconic and mid-section. If you are stalking her on Instagram then you must be aware of her fitness mantras.  She thanks her dissident trainer Melissa Alcantara for helping her out with those gorgeous curves and a shredded midsection. The duo trains together six days a week, playing with hamstring curls, squats and more.

Kim Kardashian is widely known for her fitness. She’s going to reveal her abs and butt fitness secrets to everyone so that you can get like her. Read below to find Kim Kardashian’s Butt & Abs Workout secrets.

Kim Kardashian’s Butt & Abs Workout

Kim Kardashian is the sixth most followed user on Instagram, facebook, and twitter. Currently, she has a very high pressure in social media regarding her fitness. She also produced several products branding with her name. Kim also launched her own beauty cosmetic line, Kardashian tanning products, the boutique line DASH. Amanda Lee (@AmandaEliseLee on Instagram) is one who gave Kim Kardashian a very stiff workout for her abs and butt. Kim satisfyingly had some ice cream, doughnuts and chocolates as it is allowed by her trainer and she also posted it on her Instagram account.

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Kim Kardashian Workout

If you notice her midsection you would find that it is also well toned. She started with a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) session for her abs and butt. First, begin on all fours then lift up your one leg and back. Then do the same with the next leg. It’s very simple, and it burns the fat of butt very fast. Kim Kardashian next step was doing arm rows while down in a squat, it is the best example of two in one. She also posted a video on this exercise by performing it. Then she started with box jumps. Next, she made squats with the 180-degree jump in between. All the other exercises explained above are perfect for legs and butt. After just a few weeks Amanda is working on Kim Kardashian.

The whole family of Kim Kardashian is having fitness treatment for a couple of years. Kim Kardashian does triceps dips on her bathtub every morning. She also performs 100 squats before she steps to the shower. These exercises are very quick and very easy to go ahead with. You can probably do these exercises without any use equipment.


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