Kylie Jenner Make Up Ideas

Kylie Jenner Reveals Top 5 Makeup Tips In Amazing 10 Minute Tutorial

Kylie Jenner is going to present the makeup tutorial that how she makes her face makeup in the new video which has been released recently. Tap to read the astonishing tutorial.

As Kylie Jenner is remarkable for her makeup, she is one of the top 10 most followed users on Instagram, Twitter, etc for her makeup guide, the makeup she puts and the various makeup tutorials. She can easily establish a hugely profitable enterprise with her Kylie Cosmetics. Moreover, she has launched everything in makeup including matte, eyeshadow palettes, makeup brushes, lipsticks, and concealer. Presently, she is conducted with the Vogue. In 2012, she also collaborated with the very famous clothing brand name PacSun. In an episode with Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner stated that she rarely used lip liner to over line her lips.

Kylie Jenner says that “I change my style maybe every month. I’m like, a punk one month, ghetto fab the next, classy the next. I’m just young and finding out who I am”.

Here you go with some tips to learn from her makeup tutorial. Scroll down to read the tips for the makeup tutorial.

Kylie Jenner Makeup Tutorial

Begin your makeup with eye makeup.

Kylie Jenner and many makeup artists refer to eye makeup first. Eye makeup is a bit harder than the other part of face makeup. So if creating an eye makeup there is any shadow fallout, you can simply wipe it out as you are carrying no foundation, no concealer and no compact on your face. You don’t have to again repeat your makeup. If you are having any type of problem in eyeliner, no issue put your liner first then the other makeup over that. And also if there is very small or thin liner fallout which can’t be wiped out by a cloth then just put on the foundation to cover it up easily.

She gives her makeup a natural look.

As Kylie Jenner loves to show her beauty spots on her face, she refers a very natural makeup look. This is the reason she mixes her foundation with Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Highlighter to give her face the best glow. The blending of her foundation, concealer, compact and highlighter is so professional that there is no lumpy.

She also mixes concealer.

It’s not necessary to get the perfect shade match in your palette with your foundation or concealer or compact. Kylie Jenner uses a pink on to eliminate her under eye dark spots and a beige one for more indemnity. She does not blend her forehead with concealer as she thinks a natural forehead gives you a very natural makeup.

There is no competition with Kim Kardashian.

Kylie Jenner says that “she and Kim do not compete with each other”. They both love to make different makeup products through which they both enjoy putting each other’s kit. She says “the more makeup, the better”.

She can do her lip liner with her eyes closed.

Kylie Jenner quoted “she can do her lip liner with her eyes closed”. She also made a video on it and posted it on YouTube and Instagram. She uses her lip liner all around the lip like a base for her lipstick.

The tips are really very helpful and plenty of women and teenagers are loving it and doing as per the tip.

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