Pregnancy Workout Tips

Pregnancy Workout Tips for Women

Pregnancy is the journey towards getting the biggest gift of your life. Though it brings you tons of happiness, the aftermath is sometimes painful and might leave your body obese or unshaped. Usually, women are focused towards the well-being of their baby and so skip the activities that are in their interests. FemalesEra brings you the best Pregnancy workout that would be beneficial for both the mother and the little one.

The workouts listed at FemalesEra will help you stay healthy and feel fit while getting ready to receive the biggest miracle of your life. As we guess, right now you may be motivated and super excited to make your body look divine and active as never before.

Pregnancy Workout Tips for Women


Pregnancy may cause sleep discomforts and back pain. Yoga posture helps to alleviate back pain and enhances your sleep cycles. Studies at the Healthcare Systems have proved that yoga postures can ease the labor and make it less painful.

However, if you are in the second or third trimester avoid yoga postures that involve lying on the back as such postures may cause complications and may prove unsafe.


Swimming can be a powerful movement to target the whole body. Women fish for a whole body workout during their pregnancy. Swimming involves movements that put pressure on the entire body in order to eliminate swollen ankles and joint pain.

You can get a membership in your nearest swimming pool and swim for about 30 minutes under the direction of an expert.

Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is a safe exercise for pregnant women as there are no chances of joint injury and negative pressure on your womb. The best part of a stationary bike is that you can adjust the seat and handles as per your comfort. Cycling keeps your heart healthy and boosts your overall well-being.


You can choose to do a low impact aerobic that keeps your heart and lungs healthy. Such activities release endorphins that result in boosting peace and harmony in your mind, thus making you happier than ever. It is advised that you consult with an expert on aerobic training.

Light Weight Training

Weight training has always been one of the greatest ways to keep the body toned. Pregnant women can perform complex weight training exercises with a moderate weight. FemalesEra recommends you to avoid challenging weights and exclude exercises that involve lying flat on the back.

Hasty Walks

Brisk walking can be performed on a treadmill as well on a ground. This is quite effective to enhance your mood and help reduce the extra fat in the body. Pregnant women are recommended to indulge in activities like a brisk walk and treadmill. You can walk for three days a week, try to gradually increase the exercise duration and days.


Stretching is the basis for every activity, as it reduces back pain and enhances the blood flow to the muscles. When you stretch your muscle elasticity is improved and brings your body to a comfortable muscle tone.

Abdominal Training

Exercises during pregnancy are extremely beneficial, as it enhances your posture and keeps your body fat under control. You can perform the below-mentioned exercises as these are safe and have no negative effects on your pregnancy.

Standing Pelvic Tilt

Move towards a wall and support your back with it and keep your feet about three inches away from it. Now you need to contract your stomach and buttocks and try driving your lower back towards the wall.

Kneeling Pelvic Tilt

During the exercise, you need to stay on all your fours like a plank position. Now tighten your abs and then slowly curve your back towards the sky. While performing the exercise you should not let your belly slump down heavily.


Pregnancy might not leave you with enough time to visit the gym or any other workout place. Kegels can be performed anywhere. You just need to expand and contract your pelvic muscles. FemalesEra recommends you to hold the muscles for about 5 seconds then relax for a few seconds.

Questions Answered


Should you slow the Place

Women often ask questions such as ‘Should I slow down the pace?’ or ‘Does high-intensity training involve risks? As you move on to the second and third trimester your tummy grows heavier and it increases the pressure on your heart and lungs.

It is recommended that you do not work too hard. If you start sweating or feel short of breath during workouts stop and take some rest.

Should I Lift Heavy?

You should not perform exercises with a challenging weight as too much temperature and pressure is harmful for your baby. During the first trimester lifting heavy is strictly prohibited. Do not work out on a hot day and drink a lot of fluids while and after working out.

Avoid High Altitude

Some women love working out at a high altitude. Did you know working out over 6000 feet can be hazardous for your baby? High elevation means less oxygen and so it can harm the baby inside your stomach. Avoid sports like scuba diving and climbing as these may lead to birth defects and other complications.

Avoid Sports that Involve Risk

We have often come across questions like ‘should I play football or volleyball while I am pregnant?’ FemalesEra suggests that you avoid such kind of sports as these involve contact and so may injure your baby. You may also fall during playing which may be a huge ailment for you and the baby.

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