Triangle Braids

Triangle Braids: The Best Double Loop Box Braids

If you are craving for the Best Triangle Braids then here is everything you need to know. Suppose you are not familiar with Triangle Braid hairstyles then you would have to visit the stylist and spend plenty of bucks. Did you know you can create your own Braids as per the length of your hair? Here is how you can craft your hair using the small or medium size braids.

Scarlet Triangle Box Braids with Wrapping Detail

The advantage of box braids is a possibility to add fake hair in any color. The triangular shape parting creates interest without overtaking the style.


Ebony Triangle Braids with Elegant Hair Cuffs

Utilizing hair cuffs or rings offers a touch of elegance with Cleopatra vibes. Pairing these with triangle box braids makes for an all-around put together hairstyle.


Half-Up Bun with Wrapped Front Braids

Try a new hairstyle with a half- up to half- down bun or pony like this one! Try different color of strings or cords can be chosen depending on the color of your hair.


Triangle Part Box Braids with Magenta Peek- A- boo Highlights

This hairstyle can also be a great solution for those who have just had a “big chop” for the hair healthy reasons but miss the length.


Thick Triangle Braids for 3G Type Hair

This hairstyle works for any hair type and face shape. This hairstyle gives you a creative way to part your braids on the crown.


Chunky Blonde Triangle Part Braids with Dark Roots

Natural hair may make it frizzy, dry and damaged- something no one wants. Poetic justice braids with rubber bands are the perfect solution to this as no bleach is needed to lighten your hair.


High Twisted Bun with Chunky Box Braids

This is an easy way to elevate your braided topknot is by meticulously laying your edges. This hairstyle adds a 90s look, polished feel to any updo.


Mahogany Poetic Justice Braids with Gold Cuffs

This hairstyle makes an ideal canvas for unique add-on- details. Golden cuffs are the best choice for reddish brown and black braids.


Refined Purple Triangle Braids

This refined and polished crisscrossed parting pairs perfectly with the textured plaits. Color can make them even chicer!


Side- Parted Chocolate Brown Triangle Braids

This hairstyle is a worthy alternative to a center parting, just in case you are more into an asymmetrical hairstyle. You select a color that is much lighter or brighter than your braided hair.


Thick Triangular Braids with Ombre Effect

If you have always wanted to try ombre, box braids are a great opportunity. These braids truly stand out thanks to their varied thickness and a fade of color.


Hot Neon Pink Triangle Part Braids

An unnatural color, like neon or pastel, intensifies the funky vibes of the braids that otherwise may seem traditional and therefore, a bit boring.


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