Complete Walgreens Listens Survey and Win $3000

Surveys are a way to get to know your previous customers and their experiences at your stores. These help companies to enhance the experience of their clients and customers. Companies are even willing to give away a thank you gift for the valuable time of the survey takers.

The radars of Survey Tab have found a brand new survey announced by Walgreens. This survey can be taken at the official survey site,

About Walgreens

Founded in 1901, Walgreens is a leading Pharmaceutical chain in the US. It is headquartered in Deerfield. This company is an expert at Health and Wellness products and handling as well as providing health-related information along with prescriptions.

Walgreens Store

4 Important points to note

  1. The survey can only be accessed in 2 languages, namely, English and Espanol.
  2. The survey should be taken by lawful residents of the USA.
  3. People below 18 must abstain from taking this feedback.
  4. You would need the receipt of Walgreens as it contains the time, the survey# and password which need to be filled to begin the survey.


Steps to Walgreens survey completion

Walgreens Listens Survey


  • However, what you need to do is fill in the survey number against the survey#( as mentioned on the store receipt)
  • Moreover, enter your password for taking the survey (as mentioned on the store receipt)
  • Mention the time of the day when you visited the Walgreens store.
  • Hit start to begin the survey.
  • Henceforth, you will be able to access the survey page. Note: Walgreens appreciates candid feedback.
  • Lastly, write feedback and let Walgreens know about your experience with them.
  • Finally, Submit the survey.

Treats offered by Walgreens

  1. No payment or purchase of any kind is necessary to win the Walgreens survey.
  2. Walgreens has announced that the winner will get a whopping $3000 check.
  3. The survey winners would be listed on the same site as the survey.



Hurry! Fill in your feedback now at

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