Weight Loss Tips for Obese Women

Weight Loss for Women

How do I lose weight? This is a common question asked by every obese woman. You may be struggling hard to lose those extra pounds but in vain! This is because you have not implemented the right weight loss strategies. FemalesEra brings you the perfect weight loss schedule that would help you look gorgeous.

Women usually have a tough time losing weight, this is because of the belly fat and the extra stuff in the mid-section of the body refuses to get lean easily. If you are dreaming to get slim it is not that difficult- all it takes is lifestyle changes and a bellicose diet. Simply scroll down to find some useful stuff that would be handy in achieving your weight loss goals.

Begin Small

Every weight loss journey starts from the scratch. Some women dream of losing pounds in brief span of time. This is one of the biggest hindrances to a weight loss campaign. When I began losing weight I used to exercise for 15 minutes and then this grew up to an hour. This gradual procedure made me achieve my body goals. No need to be a hassle while losing weight, your weight loss goals will surely be a success.

Change your Habits

Obese women are sometimes addicted to foods that cause them fat. When I used to put on too much of extra fat, I loved eating Pizza and included it in almost every meal. This was not accommodating towards my weight loss goals and so I had to quit. In the early days of my shredding journey I had a tough time, but gradually eating vegetables and fresh fruits were a great help for losing weight.

Turn your Habits into Healthy Ones

If you are addicted to Fries or Burger, then instead on grabbing it from a restaurant you can make it in your own kitchen in a healthy way.

Switch out bad eating habits for good habits

I used to eat Chips and Candy for my snacks, but as I grew firm towards weight loss I switched my snacks to peanut butter and low-fat string cheese. So can too turn your eating habits into healthy.

How Diet Helps in Weight Loss

You may have heard before that diet is the key to any kind of body goals. If you are willing to lost fat you can attain your dream body through an aggressive diet.

Consume Lean Protein

Protein takes more time to digest than carbs and fats. This boosts the metabolism of your body and reduces body fat. For this, you will need to eat unprocessed foods such as- fruits, whole grains, veggies, and soy. Many women do not focus on supplying their body with the adequate amount of protein and as a result get show results.

On the other hand, protein keeps your body fuelled for workouts and other activities that aim towards weight loss.

You can supplement your body with nearly 80 grams of protein per 100 grams of body weight. Get the list of lean protein foods and include the sources in your diet.

Cut Calories for Faster Results

If you are willing to shed fat faster, you must consume fewer calories through drinks and eatables. When you are low on calories your body shift to use the fats to extract energy. With this process, you can safely lose up to 2 pounds per week.

If you are still in a state of confusion you can use a calorie calculator that figures your calorie requirements of the day. To calculate your calorie you need to provide your gender, current age, weight, and height.

Exercises for Weight Loss

Weight loss goals are achieved with the balanced combination of both diet and workout. You can perform a cardiovascular exercise in order to burn more calories. Ask your trainer to guide you through aerobic exercises that may include- jogging, cycling, treadmill, and sprints.

More exercises for weight loss include kettlebell swings, lunges, burpee, and weightlifting.  Exercises won’t change you in a day, but they would surely improve your posture, enhance your metabolism and strengthen your body.

Style Tips for Looking Thin

Some women wish to lose weight for a certain event. If this is your goal no need to get into the hassle of strict diet and exercise. Females Era brings you some fashion tips that would surely help you look glamorous.

You need to figure out your good parts and weak portions of the body. For example- if you have fact accumulated in the thighs you can wear a colorful skirt and a deep colored top. This would flaunt your beautiful upper body and the areas accumulating fat are also covered.

You can get in touch with FemalesEra using the comments section below. Our health specialists are always keen to motivate you through your goals.

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